Hydro Excavation

We’re excited to announce our newest service, Hydro Excavation. This method is an alternative to traditional excavation, allowing us to create holes in the ground using pressurized water. This means there is no need to worry about tearing up utility lines! Our new truck also enables us to clean large lines, like city storm lines, and vacuum debris from the line at the same time. Here is more information about Hydro Excavation, and why it is useful.

How does Hydro Excavation Work?

Hydro excavation is an alternative to traditional excavation, providing a non-destructive method to remove soil and locate utility lines underground. It combines the use of high-pressure water and a vacuum to provide accurate and safe excavation. Here’s how it works:

  1. The Hydro Excavation truck pushes water through the soil and breaks it down.
  2. The vacuum sucks up the soil and debris.
  3. The debris travels to a tank through a line.

 Where is Hydro Excavation Used?

Hydro Excavation is used when digging for or locating underground lines is required. Hydro Excavation is particularly useful for cleaning pipes and sewers too. It is a safer method as it is less likely for damage to occur to pipes using this method.

Why Is Hydro Excavation Better?

  • Safer and more accurate than mechanical excavation methods
  • Soil surrounding the digging area is not disturbed
  • Less likely pipes will receive damage
  • Efficient and comprehensive cleaning method
  • Eco-friendly
  • No sharp edges or metal digging equipment that could damage underground utility lines
  • Can be used in cold weather on frozen soil
  • Less labor intensive

About Miller Septic

Miller Septic is a local owned company that offers residential and commercial septic cleaning services. We have over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of Northeast Ohio residents and businesses. Our services include: pumping septic tanks, locating septic tanks, providing point of sale inspections, cleaning grease traps and catch basins, hauling municipal sludge, providing leach line rejuvenation, hydro excavation and more!  We proudly serve Holmes County, Wayne County, Tuscarawas County, Coshocton County, Stark County, Ashland County and Carroll County. Contact us today for our hydro excavation service. Follow Us on Facebook for regular updates.

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