Preparing your Septic System for Fall

While you’re doing your Fall cleanup chores outside, don’t forget about your septic system. Here are some Fall maintenance tips to keep your septic tank working smoothly.

Insulate Your Septic System

Your septic system needs extra insulation over the cold months. Let the grass covering your septic tank grow out a little more than usual over Fall to provide that extra layer of protection.

You can also lay mulch over your septic system area to provide additional insulation for the cold months.

Pump Your Septic Tank

Before winter arrives with snow and freezing temperatures, pump your tank. When it snows or the ground freezes, it becomes difficult to locate your tank and hard to dig into soil. If you’re ready to have your tank pumped, give us a call.

Check for Leaks

Take a look at the pipes inside and outside of the house, as well as your septic tank lid, and fix any leaks now before they could cause frozen pipes over Winter. Worried about your septic tank in the winter months? Read our post about Common Winter Septic Tank Problems.

Change the Leach Lines

Do you have a distribution box? If so, Fall is a great time to change the elbow on your leach lines to give that section of the leach field a break. After it has time to recover, you can go back to it in the Spring.

Day-to-Day Septic Tank Maintenance

Don’t forget to treat your septic system well by using everyday methods to keep it healthy like staggering appliance use and being selective about what goes down your drain. You can learn more about septic tank preventative maintenance here.

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