A restaurant grease trap is a unit designed to stop fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from entering the sewer system. They are particularly important in restaurants whose wastewater is filled with FOG. Grease traps also stop other matter from clogging drains such as sugar, cream, and other solids.

Why Do We Need to Keep Fat, Oil, and Grease Out of the Sewer System?

When wastewater filled with grease enters sewer pipes, it can harden and create blockages and even corrode pipes. Because of this, most local governments require the use of restaurant grease traps. Each time soiled water drains from the sinks and dishwasher in restaurant kitchens, it flows by pipe to the grease trap.

Components of a Grease Trap

There are five parts to a grease trap:

1. Inlet Pipe – the pipe which wastewater flows through to reach the grease trap.

2. Flow rate controller – slows the wastewater down before it enters the grease trap.

3. Baffles – metal barriers which slow the wastewater down to help separate the water from fat, oil, and grease.

4. Water – used to cool the wastewater, allowing the grease to solidify and separate from the wastewater.

5. Outlet pipe – the pipe wastewater exits through to the sewer system.

Avoiding Restaurant Grease Trap Clogs

Part of having an effective grease trap is ensuring it doesn’t become clogged. Clogs tend to happen after grease builds up in your trap over time, preventing water from flowing.

Additionally, a clog may happen in the inlet pipe, preventing water from entering the grease trap. You may notice water backing up in sinks or floor drains if this has happened.

Another place a clog can occur is the outlet pipe, stopping wastewater from leaving the grease trap. This will cause the water to rise in the trap until it is overflowing.

Besides preventing unnecessary food waste from entering your drains, you should also maintain your grease traps by scheduling routine cleaning. At Miller Septic, we can use our specialist tools like hydro jetting to clean your pipes and grease trap in a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly way.

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